Three new emerging segments of wine drinkers — Engaged Newcomers, Everyday Loyals and Price Driven consumers — comprise more than half of wine drinkers in the U.S. and Canada, and will have a significant influence on the future direction of the industry, according to a Constellation Brands study.

Members of the “Price Driven” segment (21% of consumers) believe they can buy good wine without spending a lot; Everyday Loyals (20%) drink wine as part of their regular routine, and stick with brands they like; and Engaged Newcomers (12%) are young and intimidated by the category. They are interested in learning more about the category, as wine is a big part of the socializing they do.


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The survey identified three other segments: Overwhelmed (19%), those who drink wine, but don’t enjoy shopping for it because they find the process complex; Image Seekers (18%), those who want to live a life that impresses others and want to make sure the wine they choose portrays them in a good light; and Enthusiasts (10%), those who love researching purchases, reading reviews, shipping, and sharing wine news with others.

The results are the latest phase in Constellation’s “Project Genome, The Evolution of the Wine Consumer,” a study of 4,000 U.S. consumers and 2,946 Canadian consumers who purchase and consume wine at least once every three months.

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