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Consumer segmentation: Health and wellness segment

Health and wellness adoption chart

Health and wellness is a highly dynamic category, shaped by the impact of new trends. The basis for segmentation is the adoption curve. Different trends are at different stages of adoption, i.e. Gluten free (innovators stage) vs. low fat (mainstream stage).

April Helliwell, business development manager at the Chia Co., walked HBS attendees through the market segments that healthful products are going after. The following are subgroups comprise the healthful baked product target market.

Segment 1: Innovators (2%)

Broad Lifestyle Behaviors:

* Serious about their sport–structure their day around training and nutrition

* Their sport is a big part of who they are and their social group

Attitudes to health and wellness

* Fastidiously pursue their desired diet

* Will do 'whatever it takes'

Propositions that resonate:

* Always looking for the next new thing that will give them the edge

* Well informed about product efficacy

Where typically shop:

* Their local GNC or shop connected to their local gym

* Supermarket for other food–milk, eggs

Segment 2: Innovators (3%)

Broad Lifestyle Behaviors:

* Concerned about their health & the world – you are what you eat

* Their interest in healthy food consumes much time – grow own sprouts

Attitudes to health and wellness:

* Particular about what they eat – cooking regime is determined by their choices

Propositions that resonate:

* Review the nutritional information to check a products credentials / claims

* Want to know where / how it came from – a connection, as if grown / made themselves

Where they typically shop:

* They are well-known down at the local health food store

* Farmers markets, supermarket as well

Segment 3: Early adopters, (15%)

Broad Lifestyle Behaviors:

* Lead busy lives–professional, educated, regular exercise

Attitudes to health and wellness:

* Looking for the magic solution

* All about looking & feeling good–prepared to make the effort

Propositions that resonate:

* The ideal solution for the issue that is ‘top of mind’

Where typically shop:

* Health food stores–particularly macro, local market

* Healthy restaurants (Japanese), Supermarket

Segment 3: Early majority (35%)

Broad Lifestyle Behaviors:

* Lead busy lives–family, kids, work pressures, little time to exercise

Attitudes to health and wellness:

* Fix a problem when it occurs/diagnosed

Propositions that resonate:

* Seek convenient solutions without changing their normal diet

* Third party endorsements are all they need, not too involved–Oprah

Where they typically shop:

* Supermarket–try to buy healthier versions of favorite foods – low fat


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