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Apr 17, 2015

Building a better bakery: Using technology to gain customers and efficiencies

The bakery is an attractive department for innovation in an effort to bump up margins. The key is to identify improvements that can decrease costs....More
Apr 13, 2015

Which craft beer is right for my consumer?

With craft beer becoming so pervasive and so many outlets offering it, where does that leave the grocery store?....More
Mar 19, 2015

Time to eradicate politics from flawed Dietary Guidelines process

The Dietary Guidelines have become so politicized that the recommendations swing wildly from one presidential administration to the next and their....More
Feb 17, 2015

How supermarkets can get ethnic foods momentum

Deep discount grocers now offer a robust array of ethnic product choices at reasonable prices, presenting supermarkets with yet another competitive....More
Jan 09, 2015

Your in-store pharmacist isn’t just a pill counter!

Retail food stores are missing a huge opportunity to drive loyalty with repeat customer interactions and sales as a result of thinking about the....More
Dec 08, 2014

Huge ethnic marketing opportunity identified for retailers

A recently released study from LoyaltyOne shows ethnic shoppers are not finding the products they want in their local stores, and these customers....More
Nov 24, 2014

The hard discount threat1

Inside North America, hard discount has not been much of a factor. We believe that is likely to change soon....More
Nov 12, 2014

Why technology will never replace people1

It’s true that technology has replaced a number of jobs in the U.S. workforce. But how much can technology really replace the human element in a....More
Nov 06, 2014

Midterm elections will provide regulatory relief

While the eyes of the nation have been focused on the impact of the mid-term elections on President Obama’s agenda, the Nov. 4 election results also....More
Oct 24, 2014

How shopper trust varies by topic

Retail Feedback Group's national study of supermarket shoppers, the 2014 U.S. Supermarket Experience Study, asked shoppers to rate their primary....More
Sep 10, 2014

Local: It’s not just for produce anymore1

For the smart retailer, these products present a golden opportunity. The smart retailer will join forces with these independent inventors, and....More
Aug 26, 2014

Always prepare for the worst

Given that crises take a toll on stakeholder relationships, financial success and reputations, what can you do to help minimize the negative impact?....More
Aug 19, 2014

Reduce shoplifting, increase profitability3

Managing vendor, employee and consumer shrink is one of the industry’s greatest bugbears and one likely to grow in coming years....More
Aug 13, 2014

The challenge of Hispanic retailers in the U.S.1

The Hispanic demographic will continue to evolve, so it’s up to Hispanic retailers to continue evolving with them....More
Aug 06, 2014

Why retailers and suppliers should attend next year’s FMI Connect

FMI’s return to an annual trade show — FMI Connect: The Global Food Retail Experience — was an important step in maintaining the connectivity of our....More
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Steven Buffington

Steven Buffington has worked in the grocery industry for more than 20 years focusing on sales, production and operational management roles. He currently serves as vice president of sales for DecoPac...

Jonathan Schneider

Jonathan Schneider is a consumer behavior expert. He is the CEO of Talk Show Research and has conducted qualitative research for retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and others.
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