Christina Veiders

Managing Editor, Supermarket News

Christina is a long-standing member of the Supermarket News editorial team. As managing editor, she supervises the day-to-day editorial workflow with production, making sure everyone meets tight weekly deadlines. At the same time, she is responsible for nonfood coverage and oversees the retail/financial and technology sections. Christina is responsible for coordinating special issues such as the Power 50 and SN’s Annual IRI Category Review, as well as other reader favorites. Prior to being named managing editor in 2000, Christina was SN’s nonfood editor.

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Jul 19, 2010

Tomorrow's CEOs May Be Kinder, Gentler Leaders

In contrast to SN's Power 50 listing, BusinessWeek produces a list of the 25 CEOs of Tomorrow. What's intriguing about this list is its focus on how....More
May 24, 2010

Keep Trusted Advisor Roles Well Defined, Separate

It was easy to become glazed over with the amount of information and statistics presented during the Food Marketing Institute's first Health....More
Mar 22, 2010

Online Resellers Hold Cards for Game Changing

Getting the best deals seems to be built into our DNA. Who can resist the big sale, savings, steal? It's part of the hunt (for bargains) and may be....More
Jan 11, 2010

Industry Faces Request for Mandatory Reports

One might argue that the leading stock gainers on SN's annual stock performance report (see story, Page 1) were aided by their good works for society....More
Nov 30, 2009

Retailers Using Gift Cards to Incentivize Sales

By the time you read this, Black Friday the name conjures up anything but rosy profits will have come and gone and retailers will have a better....More
Oct 12, 2009

Holidays Need Not Be Dismal With Charity a Goal

Fourth-quarter holidays and events used to be simpler and a lot less expensive. That's before merchants claimed the fourth quarter to generate 25% to....More
Sep 21, 2009

Ultimate Local-Sourcing Model Still Science Fiction

Supermarkets raising their home-grown veggies in hydroponic greenhouses is science that smacks of science fiction. Picture it. Steamy rooftop gardens....More
Aug 03, 2009

They're back! A Poltergeist of the Viral Kind Returns

Swine flu's sequel coupled with other seasonal viruses is ready to make an appearance. As the headlines remind us, the H1N1 swine virus lurks in the....More
Jun 29, 2009

Wal-Mart Defies Critics, Wins Health Care Support

Let’s give credit where it’s due. Wal-Mart, long the bane of unions and unionized grocery chains, known for its poor labor practices, including....More
May 18, 2009

Business Innovation Trumps Safeway's Q1 Stumble

A miscalculation of promotional investment was cited earlier this month as the reason Safeway misstepped in its first-quarter results for the year (....More
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