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Apr 14, 2008

How Sam's Stands Out in the Shadows of Wal-Mart, Costco

Sam’s Club is celebrating 25 years of operation, but its greatest feat hasn’t been its longevity. The biggest success was finding its own path in a....More
Apr 14, 2008

Standards Not Enough in Hannaford Bros. Data Breach

As the Hannaford Bros. date breach and previous cases illustrate, industry standards have not deterred the bad guys from breaking through the....More
Apr 07, 2008

Whole Foods Finds Smooth Sailing at High Altitude

Several months after acquiring Wild Oats, Whole Foods is fitting into its new Boulder, Colo., environs just fine, and consumers have begun showing....More
Apr 07, 2008

When Fast-Growing Retailers Decide to Hit the Brakes

There’s nothing so exciting in retailing as a chain expanding at a breakneck pace. But such rollouts eventually slow or end, often accompanied by....More
Mar 31, 2008

Why Tesco Finds U.S. More Challenging Than Expected

In 2006 and 2007, Tesco's every move toward the United States was closely tracked by American retailers hungry for competitive information. Retailers....More
Mar 31, 2008

Wine in Grocery Proposal Could Be Cure in a Bottle for N.Y.

Although the sexual indiscretions of disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer amounted to his political ruin, the episode may not have been....More
Mar 24, 2008

Tainted Food, Hackers Making Trips to the Store Too Risky

Like doctors, food retailers have a paramount duty to “do no harm.” Yet lately, it’s become increasingly difficult for retailers to keep consumers....More
Mar 24, 2008

Latest Trading Partner Relations Reveal Carrot and Stick

The most recent feedback from retailers and suppliers indicates evidence of improved trade partnerships, but also cause for concern....More
Mar 17, 2008

New Data Illuminates Economy's Impact on Food Retailing

Reports on how the economy is affecting the food distribution industry provides mounting evidence that consumers are strapped and are beginning to....More
Mar 17, 2008

Economic Reality Bites Youthful Food Shoppers, Too

If the economy gets even worse, how will food shoppers under 40, who aren¹t the most loyal patrons of traditional supermarkets, change their....More
Mar 10, 2008

Are Shoppers Ready to Believe the Worst on Animal Care?

Animal rights activism has long been viewed as a bit of a fringe movement, with insufficient mainstream support to matter much to supermarket....More
Mar 10, 2008

How Longtime Rivals to Supermarkets Pose New Threats

Some retail formats are becoming the Hillary Clintons of the food industry. They were counted out as major threats to supermarkets, but they are....More
Feb 25, 2008

Charting New Paths After Nation's Largest Beef Recall

Some retailers respond in a hurry to the latest big recall, but a toy store chain takes supply chain guidelines to a new level....More
Feb 18, 2008

Companies in Transition More Vulnerable in Downturn

Companies in transition are more vulnerable during an economic downtown. How will the economy affect the plans of five executives to watch?....More
Feb 18, 2008

Saluting a First-Class Editor and Leader as He Exits SN

David Merrefield departs Supermarket News – and leaves a legacy "strong writing, steady management."....More
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