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Feb 12, 2007

True or False: Consumer Perceptions Mean Everything

The latest analysis of the spinach outbreak, released this month by the Rutgers Food Policy Institute, bears that out. In case you missed it,....More
Feb 12, 2007

Gaining Advantage With Urban Supermarket Retailing

There’s a lengthy roster of supermarket operators — independents and chains alike — that have made adaptations to their dominant suburban model so....More
Feb 05, 2007

CEOs Leave Industry Meeting With Piles of Homework

There’s loads of pressure on food industry CEOs these days, so surely they must look forward to escaping work for the occasional industry conference....More
Feb 05, 2007

How Different Companies Approach the Growth Challenge

This year isn’t very old, but it already seems apparent that 2007 might be titled “the year of recovery.”....More
Jan 29, 2007

Leveraging Women Executives’ Shopping Experiences

It has often been observed that although women constitute the majority of supermarket shoppers, the ranks of supermarket executives, and of vendors....More
Jan 29, 2007

Online Stores May Need to Bone Up on Their Execution

Depending how you measure it, Americans either spent way more shopping online this past holiday season than they did the year before, or else they....More
Jan 22, 2007

What Happened When One Chain Abandoned Tradition

It takes a strong stomach to apply the strategy implicit in the thought that “the intelligent loss of business” can be an intelligent course of....More
Jan 22, 2007

How Distributors Excel by Overcoming Size Challenges

At least that was the mantra of the late 1990s, when food distributors sought to grow at all costs, often to their detriment. Now companies have a....More
Jan 16, 2007

Earth-Friendly Packaging May Have Grocers Seeing Green

A recent Mintel study reports that more than one-fifth of the close to 18,000 new food products introduced in 2006 made organic or all-natural claims....More
Jan 16, 2007

Last Year’s Eventful Days Could Replicate This Year

Are events of early days 2007 destined to replicate, in some form, events of early days 2006?....More
Jan 08, 2007

Public Acceptance: The Lever That Controls Technology

During the newly concluded holiday period, the Food and Drug Administration issued a tentative finding that the products of some cloned animals are....More
Jan 08, 2007

Is Technology Getting in the Way of Customer Service?

In retailing, as in life generally, consumers usually applaud technology for its ability to cut much of the tedium out of many tasks....More
Jan 01, 2007

Reasons Retailers See Better Times in Store for 2007

The good news about the year just closed is that the industry started to stir from a long slumber and move in proactive ways to retain and recapture....More
Jan 01, 2007

How Safeway’s Gift Card Venture Caught Investors Off Guard

Financial analyst reports aren’t usually riveting reads, but there was a notable exception after Safeway’s recent conference call that discussed its....More
Dec 18, 2006

What Comes Next After Generic Drug Price Promotions?

Wal-Mart stirred up a maelstrom of controversy when it launched its $4 generic drug prescription program in September....More
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