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Mar 26, 2007

D’Agostino’s: Clear of Big Boxes, but Facing Challenges

How good would it be to operate a small regional chain of supermarkets in a highly urbanized market — the very type of market that provides....More
Mar 19, 2007

Better Defense Is the Best Offense for Food Security

Discussions about protecting the food supply against terrorism have recently taken a back seat to those about safeguarding against pathogens,....More
Mar 19, 2007

The Art and Science of Finding Consumers’ Right Price

That, in a nutshell, is the conundrum considered in the front-page news feature in this week’s SN. The headline on the presentation’s inside pages....More
Mar 12, 2007

More Retailers Join the Growing Trend of Urban Retailing

Exactly a month ago, we took a look in this space at a supermarket operator that opened a store in a newly developing area of downtown Baltimore....More
Mar 12, 2007

Fast and Furious: In-Store Health Clinics Grab Spotlight

The rapid growth of nurse-staffed health clinics in retail stores is getting plenty of attention. In the Feb. 22 issue of the New England Journal of....More
Mar 05, 2007

Supermarket Meat Cases Lure Supercenter Shoppers

Last week we took a look in this space at the increasing spread between the satisfaction levels consumers attach to supermarket shopping venues in....More
Feb 26, 2007

The Growing Gulf in Consumer-Satisfaction Measures

A surprisingly large and increasing spread between consumers’ satisfaction with various food retailing chains was registered by the American Consumer....More
Feb 26, 2007

Some Organic Matters Settled in SN Whole Health

The copy of SN you’re reading at this moment arrived with the latest edition of SN Whole Health, our five-times-a-year health and wellness supplement....More
Feb 20, 2007

How Contrarian Thinking Still Fuels Independent Growth

If the entire food industry finds consensus on a topic, you can be sure there’s an independent retailer out there who strongly disagrees, and....More
Feb 20, 2007

Three Years Later: California Labor Pacts’ Aftermath

At the time the protracted strike-lockout finally drew to a conclusion in Southern California nearly three years ago, it was clear that organized....More
Feb 12, 2007

Gaining Advantage With Urban Supermarket Retailing

There’s a lengthy roster of supermarket operators — independents and chains alike — that have made adaptations to their dominant suburban model so....More
Feb 12, 2007

True or False: Consumer Perceptions Mean Everything

The latest analysis of the spinach outbreak, released this month by the Rutgers Food Policy Institute, bears that out. In case you missed it,....More
Feb 05, 2007

How Different Companies Approach the Growth Challenge

This year isn’t very old, but it already seems apparent that 2007 might be titled “the year of recovery.”....More
Feb 05, 2007

CEOs Leave Industry Meeting With Piles of Homework

There’s loads of pressure on food industry CEOs these days, so surely they must look forward to escaping work for the occasional industry conference....More
Jan 29, 2007

Online Stores May Need to Bone Up on Their Execution

Depending how you measure it, Americans either spent way more shopping online this past holiday season than they did the year before, or else they....More
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