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in Viewpoints Jul 06, 2016

Retailers battling Amazon need multi-front strategy

As online shopping gradually becomes a bigger piece of the pie, and supermarkets and other food retailers hone their models, Amazon remains the 800-....More
in Viewpoints Jun 02, 2016

Why Millennials are ready for less digital 

If someone told you that young people in their 20s and early 30s prefer to spend less time on digital devices and platforms, would you believe it?....More
in Viewpoints May 03, 2016

What’s ahead for fresh foods growth at retail 

Fresh foods is one of the brightest stories in food retailing today, and somehow it continues to get better....More
in Viewpoints Apr 06, 2016

Why Millennials still mystify the food industry

I’ve seen two main reactions when the subject of Millennials comes up among retailers and manufacturers, as it often does these days....More
in Viewpoints Mar 07, 2016

New findings spotlight long-running natural merchandising debate 

SN's Whole Health Survey helps answer the question: Should you integrate or segregate natural and organic products in the supermarket?....More
in Viewpoints Feb 02, 2016

Lessons in great customer experience from an unexpected place

A most satisfying customer experience reminded me of independent food retailers and how they often ace the needs of shoppers in local markets....More
in Viewpoints Jan 05, 2016

SN's 2016 directions serve 'disrupted' industry 

Last month SN presented its inaugural list of 25 “Disruptors” — people transforming food retailing in an era of unprecedented change. So how do we....More
in Viewpoints Dec 07, 2015

How ‘Disruptors’ are exploding business models

Disruption is all about throwing things into confusion and disorder. For better or worse, that’s a familiar scenario to many in the food industry....More
in Viewpoints Oct 26, 2015

What the two R’s can learn from each other

You'd be surprised by how much the two R’s — retailers and restaurants — have in common, even excluding the obvious fact that both sell food....More
in Viewpoints Sep 28, 2015

Why ‘middle’ is no longer a dirty word for supermarkets

The worst thing about conventional wisdom is it’s often mistaken for absolute truth. Case in point is the assumption that supermarkets are stuck in....More
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