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Anonymous123 (not verified)
on Feb 15, 2012

The hidden part of this story is that the carnage is far from over. The last two weeks have been horrible, seeing co-workers crying all day as the building is under construction. They ask, was remodeling needed now? Did they need the new phones now? To add insult to injury, they are now moving to a thing called WE, (workplace empowerment). This is where you have to work from a coffee shop or home 2 days a week, because they don't have the space to combine 3 office buildings into 1. They tell us we have to use our paper and our homes to work. Seems like a cheap move by the CEO. Put starbucks and caribou on notice to add more tables, lower the music, and increase the wireless bandwidth. Everybody is now expected to live out of a backpack and when they are in the office, sit where you find an open spot. Morale is so low because of last years lay-offs and now its worse because of all the added work. To say it's toxic is an understatement! They have a big name firm (consultants) helping to destroy them like they did with the wall street firms a few years back. The big joke is that the private label products can't be reduced for a sale because a 3000% mark up is not enough. Red thumbs down folks on that, but lose money on a name thumb. Go all out!. The running joke is -was it better to stay or go? Interesting thought. The management is telling everyone to be quiet and don't work with anyone who was just let go. Gather whatever information you can and continue on ignoring them. It's rather sickening to be there still. They gave away iPad's to people for just doing their jobs just before Christmas, how much was spent on that? The waste the management runs is unreal. The employees who were let go have worked their butts off and this was their thanks. But of course, the CEO, on plan 3.0 or 4.0, should have been fired when 2.0 failed. Luckily all management is getting nice bonuses for cutting expenses. Maybe the CEO should do his video series of "undercover boss" and work with the office staff. He can see first hand how his failures have really hurt a good company. Maybe he will go back to walmart when he completely destroys the company. It's always nice to sit through quarterly meetings listening to how they plan on a 5% reduction of sales, quarter after quarter. How he thinks this is good puzzles me still.

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