Customers of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market expressed generally positive reactions on social media to the chain’s decision to introduce a limited assortment of items under the Wild Oats brand.

The company heralded the introduction of Wild Oats items by inviting customers to “join the revolution” to the organic and fresh solutions provided by Wild Oats products.

Speaking to customers on Twitter, Fresh & Easy said, “If we wouldn't serve it to our family, we won’t sell it to yours.”

According to one consumer, the changes taking place at the stores are greatly appreciated. “It seems like the detailed comments I provided … when the stores changed owners were read, considered, and some changes I requested are actually happening.”

When the chain suggested customers try the Wild Oats organic Caesar salad, one Facebook respondent said, “Exactly what I’ve been dreaming of."

However, proving that you can't please all of the people all of the time, one customer pronounced the salad as “good stuff,” though he said he preferred eating it without the dressing; while another said the Wild Oats chef’s salad was “tas-tay but pretty stingy with the dressing,” asking, “Can I get a driblet more?”

When Fresh & Easy suggested Wild Oats sandwich options, one respondent said she was a fan, exclaiming,  “These organic sandwiches are great!!!”

However, another Facebook writer wondered “how far do these and their ingredients travel before getting to the store?”  — a question the company said it would forward to its product team. 

One Wild Oats fan said the product line is “amazing for those who can’t eat GMO or only eat organics.” However, another customer sounded a warning, saying, “I sincerely hope Fresh & Easy isn’t easing in the Wild Oats brand to slowly change their name to Wild Oats. The name is reminiscent of overly hormonal young men.”


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Another respondent was even more alarmed. “Don’t be surprised if you find a dirty fingernail in your pre-made food,” she wrote, explaining that had been her experience when he bought some non-Wild Oats Brussels sprouts a year ago.

The company said if she would send information on the store location, it would review the matter immediately; it also apologized, saying all its suppliers “have strict controls in place to ensure the safety of the products they produce,” and said it was mailing her a gift card.

Fresh & Easy, which was founded by Great Britain-based Tesco in 2007, was sold last year to a consortium headed by Yucaipa Cos., Los Angeles-based investment firm.

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