Walgreens announced Tuesday that it is launching a nationwide program that will provide free talking prescription devices to pharmacy customers who are visually impaired.

“Adherence to medication can be critical in treating illness today, and this is an innovation that will help our visually impaired customers correctly identify and take medications as prescribed,” Jeff Koziel, group VP of pharmacy operations for the Deerfield, Ill.-based retailer said in a statement.

The device called the Talking Pill Reminder attaches to prescription containers and records a message with the information on the medication label. It also has an alarm which reminds patients when to take the medication.

There is no charge for the device for those who are visually impaired and purchase prescription medications at Walgreens retail pharmacies or through the prescription mail service. The general public can purchase the device for $9.99.

The Talking Pill Reminder is available only at Walgreens, which is the first in the industry to offer the device, said the retailer. They are available at all Walgreens stores nationwide.

Walgreens created the program in collaboration with The American Council of the Blind, and its California and Illinois affiliates.


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“Accessible prescription information is critical to people who are blind, and with [this] announcement, Walgreens assumes a significant leadership role in serving its customers with visual impairments,” said Kim Charlson, president of The American Council of the Blind.

Walgreens said that it also offers visually impaired customers large print patient information sheets.

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