Do you think Wild Oats could be revived as a retail banner to replace Fresh & Easy?

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on Sep 30, 2013

Most definitely! Here in Arizona, as far as the health food markets we have only Whole Foods and Sprout's. Whole Foods is a great, upscale market with prices that match. Sprout's used to be unique in it's own way, now becoming mainstream. I think Arizonians would welcome Wild Oats with open arms. Would be a nice change... Wild Oats is awesome!

on Jul 31, 2013

Hey how about pay the employees better wages. Then they will work harder for they're money and the company. Then that would have an affect on morale and atmosphere for the company as a whole. I'm a mgr with the company and only get $13 an hr. I have worked for trader joes before and wasn't a mgr. I was making $17 an hr. I loved working hard for the company! As a customer you can really see a difference between F&E employees and TJ'S employees. Us mgrs are always under the gun from the company to find money to balance out are shrink numbers. But are DC people are temporary workers that really don't care about things and always are not sending merchandise to the store. This always has an affect on a store on a daily basis to guarantee the shopping experience that the company preaches. It takes away from the daily duties that what we need to do for the customers. Its hypocritical when they say FRESH N EASY when its not EASY!!!!!!!!

on Jun 20, 2013

I would like to see the reinvention of Wild Oats through Fresh and Easy. It would be profitable if done correctly.

on Jun 20, 2013

There is only value in some selected locations that could exemplify what Wilds Oats stands for. And yes, out with the old and in with the new, Too many bad habits created with the Tesco format. But it could be very profitable.

on Jun 20, 2013

It might be smarter to keep the F&E format scale back the # of locations and improve the marketing. F&E has a growing base of shoppers why drive them away.

on Oct 14, 2013

F&E base of shoppers:

1. Reliance on several types of deep discount coupons to stimulate shopping.
2. Trained to buy distressed, soon to be out of code and discontinued product (price reductions of 15% to 85%)
3. Self checkout system that encourages theft.
4. Store layout design that encourages theft.
5. A 3% or lower payroll that further encourages item 3 and 4

So, improve marketing for this concept? For what? Instead of 3 billion dollars in losses in 6 years to an improvement of 1.5 billion dollars in losses in another 6 years?

Tesco projected a net profit of .82 cents (that's less than a penny) on the dollar. They never ever came close.

Well run grocery stores average 1 cent to 3 cents on the dollar.

Do the math.

on Jun 19, 2013

Why bother? It fits the definition of insanity!

on Jun 18, 2013

don't think so

on Jun 17, 2013

out with the old in with the new! but will you keep the same staff,meaning all.or start from the ground up with a all star cast and crew?

on Jun 17, 2013

I agree. The key is not whether the name can be revived, but what is the right format that will fit the locations and has the best chance of connecting with consumers. I really doubt it is the old Wild Oats, but I do think there is some brand equity there if they want to leverage the name for the new concept. It will take a lot of capital and re-positioning, and require shedding a number of stores.

on Jun 15, 2013

Yes, with categoric changes.

Most locations would have to be disposed of.

"Prime" locations would require a total re-do.

The DC would require a reconfiguring.

The "Kitchen Table" facility would have to be disposed of.

The "Meat Campus" and "Produce Campus" is a big question mark.

Everything Tesco (to include all "systems") would need to be erased.

The question is: How much capital would the above require versus the timeline for future profit?

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