Do you agree with Wal-Mart's decision to sell genetically modified sweet corn?

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on Apr 29, 2014

All we consumers can do is NOT BUY GMO foods. Money is the beginning and end of everything for large corporations and our government. Why do you think Europe and most foreign countries do not allow it? The lives of our children and grandchildren do not mean anything to them. Hopefully they have not taken us down a road of ruin that we cannot escape from.

on Jun 22, 2013

I use to respect walmart ...but have no use for a store that can be bought off.....we the people need to tell the government and all these companies who are all about their money That we will not Take It Anymore!

on Jun 7, 2013

Ask yourself this...Do Monsanto employees and their executives eat this poison??? Do our elected government officials eat this poison? I think not!!!

on May 23, 2013

I wont shop at any stores that carry GMO FOODS!People need to do more research! Watch "the Silent Forest" pn U tube!

on Jan 17, 2013

Do u think that this is obstructionist stance?

on Nov 15, 2012

Cross breeding within a species is completely different than crossing species or injecting species DNA with poisons. Research before commenting about mutations. Cross breeding happens in nature so making different apple bu mixing two breeds is nature. Putting poisons in DNA or corn with kill bugs is different. I would rather traditional pesticides that i can wash off in some degree rather than poisoned DNA

on Sep 6, 2012

People can choose from
1. GM sweet corm with less insecticide used.
2. General sweet corm with insecticide used.
3. Organic sweet corm with "supposed to be" safe to human insecticide used
4. Organic sweet corm with worms.

on Aug 23, 2012

I don't mind them selling it actually but it should be labed as GM. That wasn't a selection of choice.

on Aug 15, 2012

GM products should be labeled so we consumers know what we are buying and ingesting. Various studies are not definite one way or the other, but, until a final evaluation of GM products is determined, labeling should be mandated.

George G.

on Aug 12, 2012

And because all food has directly or indirectly come from mutation breeding programmes - that's; real tinkering with genes with unknown effects - it includes organic food too. You really should label everything "may be derived from mutation breeding"

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