NORWALK, Conn. — Following the success of its cro-do — a croissant-doughnut hybrid — Stew Leonard’s has introduced a croissant-doughnut burger at the Hoe-Down Grill at its store here.

“Stew’s croissant-doughnut sales in our bakery took off like a rocket over the last few months,” Mike Olbrys, executive chef, told SN.

“The customers love them. One of our team members, Mario, is the lead cook in our Hoe-Down but also works in the bakery; he came up with the idea to make a croissant-doughnut burger. I said, let’s try it! It’s been a great seller already. And it’s the perfect ‘country fair’ item to sell this time of year, when many of our customers are visiting country fairs every weekend.”