JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Americans are opting for healthier foods with more frequency and determination, finds "The Why? Behind the Buy" report from Acosta Sales & Marketing.

Respondents to the bi-annual survey indicate a strong desire to follow a lifestyle centered on healthy eating, with half of consumers saying that they read nutrition labels “most of the time” or “always,” and 81% saying they “usually” or “sometimes” select and consume healthier foods.Americans are most responsive to “whole grain/wheat” claims, according to the survey.


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Results also show the economy is turning a corner:

• Consumer spending is on the rise and up 1.7% in the grocery channel for the first quarter of 2013.

• 33% of shoppers ages 18-44 report they are making more routine shopping trips, with frequency expected to increase as their careers advance, they marry, have children and purchase homes.

• Shoppers are buying more frozen foods, pet foods and household products.

Key consumer groups (Generation Y and Hispanics) report greater dependence on digital resources:

• Seven in 10 shoppers use Facebook and 45% visit brand pages at least monthly, primarily for coupons and special offers.

• 74% of shoppers believe that digital devices are important to log in and update loyalty points, and 71% use digital devices to post a product review.

• Year-over-year measurement of digital behaviors, like visiting a store website to download a coupon, are on the rise.

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